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With the cost of living always going up it can be hard to find a way to save some money. We can help, Utility Warehouse Discount Club offers some of the best rates on home and business utility, broadband and mobile bills!

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My Story

I have been an Authorised Distributor for Utility Warehouse for many years now. Coming from a building background, I became a customer initially with UW in 2007. I found out that they were very good, and they did everything for me regarding the switch over and saved me a lot of money. I also had my own personal contact. Since then I started to recommend UW to my friends and family, and this opened up the opportunity to work part time with the company.

I started very slowly by doing just 1-2 hours a week (as I was still doing around 60-70 a week in the building industry). But as my business started to grow so did my hours on UW, and therefore my building hours decreased, to the point now that I do not have my building company anymore.

The company are offering more and more benefits to our members, including the free LED bulbs. And now I am finding that more members are actually becoming distributors and recommending our services, earning themselves an extra income.

To date I have built a fantastic residual income from my efforts and have achieved many promotions with the company, including 6 luxury holidays, thousands of shares, a new company mini and many friends. But most importantly it’s given me my time back, and I am working with others for them to achieve the same.

And the beauty about this business – its willable, so you can pass down your working efforts to loved ones.